Monday, February 23, 2009

Dreams aka Nightmares

I think I'm on my sixth cup of coffee and I've only been up about a hour and a half. It was not a good night. First of all we got hit yesterday afternoon with yet another New England snow storm..lots of wind and lots of snow. So around 9 o'clock last night we lost our power.

I don't mind not having lights or T.V....I can always use a flashlight or lantern to read or write in my journal. What I don't like is not having heat or water. We have 4 fireplaces but guess what?...they're electric. We have well water but guess what?'s run by an electric pump. So no heat, no water. The power finally came back on around six A.M.

I think being so cold is what gave me nightmares. I had some of the worse nightmares I've had in a long time. I can't even describe them without getting upset. Let me just say that they were like that worst "slasher" film ever made....and I never, ever, ever watch slasher films. Horror films yes, slasher films no. They were bad.

So right now I'm just trying to shake the cobwebs out of my head and get into my studio. Maybe one more cup of coffee.

Love & Lollipops

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Artzy Diva said...

You seriously need to get yourself a generator so you can run your essentials!!! I hope you don't get hit as badly by tonight's storm.

We're due for 15+ inches with high winds. I am sooooo done with winter!!!!