Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Month that was April

1- Things I Bought Myself....3 pair of jeans, 6 tee shirts, gold gladiator sandals and art supplies.
2- Currently Reading..."Shoe Addicts Anonymous" and "Notes From the Universe"
3- Music Added to IPOD...Amy Macdonald and Lily Allen
4- Movies I Saw...Quarantine
5- Art I Made..several journal pages and sketches
6- Something Yummy I Made....chicken and stuffing casserole
7- Last Place I Ate Out..."Chile's"
8- Something that Made Me Cry... nothing
9- Something that Made Me Laugh...Don tickling me
10- Something I Want to blessed I am
11- Something I'm Thankful health
12- Something I'm Looking Forward To...going to NJ next week-end to see my family and grand-daughters.

1 comment:

lee said...

Hey that was quite inspiring, for the month of april.....I might try for the month of may....