Monday, September 07, 2009

Singing Bowl

I hope everyone had a good holiday week-end. I really hate to see summer end. I forgot to post this picture earlier this summer. I've been wanting one of these bowls for a long time, and on one of week-end excursions this summer we found one and Don bought it for me.

These bowls are also known as Himalayan bowls and they are a type of bell. But instead of hanging, they sit on a cushion. When you tap on the bowl with the wooden dowel, the sides and the rim vibrate to produce a beautiful sound.
I'm very big on yoga and meditation, so this will be well used. The beautiful purple box that it came in was handmade out of Lokata paper by the monks in Nepal. I love collecting exotic things. This will join my crystal ball and my Voodoo drum.

2 comments: said...

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Janet said...

A few years ago I bought one of those bowls for my daughter and she just loves it. I keep thinking I'll get one for myself but haven't done it. I think after seeing yours I'll look for one again. They make such a beautiful sound.