Friday, July 30, 2010

The Bed from Hell.

Don saw this big, four poster bed and he really had to have it. So we bought it. But in the process of putting it together, I smashed my finger (twice)....put a big gash in one of my shins and have a lump the size of a plum on the other shin....and Don smashed his toe.
We finally got the bed together, after a lot of swearing and cussing (in several languages) and when we got into bed that collapsed! We ended up laughing ourselves to sleep.


lee said...

That is to funny, you should have taken a picture of it. My hubby is no handy man, so putting stuff together is like going to hell

Anonymous said...

That totally made me smile. Sounds like one or those life moments when all you can do is laugh. This would totally happen to me. (=

Tammy's Studio said...

That made me laugh. I know the feeling. My husband broke my desk out of frustration the instant it came in the door.

/cry. It's still broken after he told me he'd fix it over 2 years ago.. whatever!

Janis said...

THAT is too funny.... ok not really, but I can see why you laughed at the end. WOW. BURN THE BED!! :)