Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paper Dolls

A few months ago I joined a journal'"round robin". There are seven of us and we all do a page in each others journal. This is the spread I did in Monica's journal, her theme was "childhood favorites". I was always playing with paper dolls, so I did my spread on that.


TammysStudio said...

This is AWESOME! I'm a sucker for anything pink... I too LOVED paper dolls growing up... I STILL love them. Which gives me some ideas =)

You did a fantastic job on this. I absolutely adore it. You GO GIRL!

Sheree said...

I just love it! What a grand idea! Sounds like the 'robins" are having a great time!

shabby*girl said...

Oh my gosh, Joyce! I just came over to visit your lovely blog and saw your sweet paper doll journal spread!!! It's fabulous! We must be sisters!
Thank you for your support. I really do appreciate you.
Have a great day! Missy