Monday, February 28, 2011

The Month that was February

1- Things I Bought Myself...make-up and candles and lots of books
2- Currently Reading..."The Prophecy of the Sisters"and "Superstitous"
3- Music Added to IPOD...Tori Amos
4- Movies I Saw..."Chronicles of Narnia , Red and Sanctum
5- Art I Made..several journal pages, finally
6- Something Yummy I Made...chocolate pudding with bananas
7- Last Place I Ate Out..."Applebees"
8- Something that Made Me Cry...
9- Something that Made Me sister
10- Something I Want to Remember...what the sun looks like
11- Something I'm Thankful Family
12- Something I'm Looking Forward To..our trip to Key West

1 comment:

lee said...

I would be looking forward to key west as well, I would love to go thre, have you been there before.