Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello my friends....I hope everyone had a good week-end. It's still rainy here in New England. The Ark passed by, Noah and all the animals waved. Maybe we'll see the sun soon. I sure hope so.

I've been busy in my studio, here are a few more journal pages. Talk to you soon!


Janet said...

I'm just lovin' your pages! And so many times when I read what you've said it sounds like myself talking!

PS - what part of NH do you live in? HB used to live in North Conway NH and he loved it.

Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

Wow! I came to visit from Janet's page and I find another artist to "blogmark"! Your pages are lovely. I don't do artwork now, I do write, crochet, work on quilt hangings, and such...I love your title as well, sister of the moon!
My poetry site is on Blogspot as signature here, and then I have a wordpress blog, too.
So, come visit when time allows...
Have a great week!

Connie said...

That photo of the door in the top picture of your journal really got me!! I had to click on it and look looked like you really cut out a window in your journal and placed a door in it!! Great work!!

I like how you keep to a theme...I noticed doors and windows in other pages too.

Peace & Love.

PS Thanks for stopping by the Dirty Footprints Studio today! The kind of tethered paper in my journal is thick watercolor paper. I usually cover it with a layer of gesso or gel medium before I get started--even when I watercolor.