Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Month that was June

1- Things I Bought Myself....lots of pens and journaling suppies.
2- Currently Reading..."The Girl with No Shadow"and "The Wheel of Darkness"
3- Music Added to IPOD...Lindsay Buckingham
4- Movies I Saw..."Knowing"and "Angels and Demons"
5- Art I Made..several journal pages and sketches
6- Something Yummy I own Mocha Frappichino
7- Last Place I Ate Out..."Uno's"
8- Something that Made Me Cry... the movie "Knowing"
9- Something that Made Me Laugh...a video on YouTube
10- Something I Want to Remember...what the sun looks like
11- Something I'm Thankful Family
12- Something I'm Looking Forward To...seeing the sun again

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