Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where's the Sunshine???

Hello my friends....well it's July and guess what? IT'S STILL RAINING! This is starting to get ridiculous.
Anyway, I finished my journal for the month of June, with Kelly Kilmer's class so I posted some pages and the completed journal. And I have a request.....Please send some sun my way. :)


Janet said...

We've been having an odd spring/summer here, too. We haven't had rain but we've had cooler than normal temps.

Your journal pages are always so cool. Love the one about your mom and dad. And my daughter's name is Molly!!

Rhomany said...

Your journals are beautiful, you use such interesting images and layers.

lee said...

love your journal pages very intersting. Read your June are those books. I am reading one fifthy by Candace Bushnell the creator of Sex and the City. Actually I just finished it, light reading but very
good. Heres to the sun, we have been having wonky weather also, not very warm and very windy.